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MRS. PISS - Mrs. Piss

Ok... So is this cover artwork safely sharable on social media?

Not sure, but good that I have Mom to help me out here.

MRS. PISS - Mrs. Piss (CD) (2020)

Have you ever thought to yourself: What if someone took the rawness of Chelsea Wolfe's debut, the dark electronics of "Pain Is Beauty" and "Abyss" and the sludgy heavy doom of "Hiss Spun", mixed it with punk and noise rock and distilled it into eight short filthy, dirty and above all seriously pissed tracks for a nasty, panicky, but also very distinct and memorable twenty minutes EP?

Yes, that's a rather specific idea to have. And sorry, Chelsea and her equally as awesome drummer Jess Gowrie already had it themselves.

Mrs. Piss is a hundred percent their angry child, with the two being responsible for all vocal and instrumental performances. And while several passages could very well be imagined on a "regular" Chelsea Wolfe record, with the two bandmates exploring their musical chemistry on equal eye level the dynamics here are obviously different and justify this seperate new band. The vibe of Mrs. Piss' debut EP totally sheds Wolfe's usual mysterious aura and goes much more for the rightful female rage and disgust of Kristeen Young - and it has a lot of cathartic fun on the way.

While "Self-Surgery" is available on vinyl (piss yellow splatter anyone?), I decided for the CD version, mostly because it just isn't that much music and the only one-sided record is still pricy enough.

But whatever medium you choose, I'm sure it will be worth it. Because this is one of those EPs you'll just find yourself starting again immediately after it finishes.

So I guess the song title "Nobody Wants To Party With Us" is either a huge misassessment or a blunt lie.

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