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Yes, I've already written a pretty enthusiastic review about this monstrous album!

Because of its scope I wasn't expecting it to be released in another physical format than the 3CD digipak, and claimed that "that cover would surely be looking fantastic in vinyl format. But I get that would would probably be pretty expensive..."

Well I was wrong. "Éons" has been released in various limited vinyl versions, of which only the black one is still available at the moment. But if this record keeps getting more of the attention it deserves, I'm now sure that more pressings will follow in the future.

Usually I'm not the biggest fan of buying the same release in multiple formats, but in this case I just couldn't resist. Missing the first colour in colour pressing I was lucky enough to get hold of the marbled colour variant and oh boy, it's a true beauty!

It's a triple gatefold, which looks important, but not too big in the record shelf.

Most of the design is very similar to the CD version, but of course the elements are placed differently.

My favorite additions are a couple of photographs from the venue in which the "Èons" sessions were recorded and a 30x90 cm poster of the artwork, which I have already framed and put onto my wall:

Anything else important?

Yes, the pressing sounds great and elevates this spiritual drone doom free jazz masterpiece into even higher spheres!

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