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VOIVOD, BIO-CANCER and ERUPTION OF CORRUPTION live at the Logo, Hamburg (13.10.2018)

After the E-Force (revisiting "Negatron" and "Phobos") concert two weeks ago and my review of the new masterpiece "The Wake" I hereby conclude Voivodmania weeks with last night's Hamburg stop of Voivod's current European tour.

This was the second of only only two german dates. Consequently the Logo was as packed as it can be, so the signs for the show were pointing to a lot of war and pain. And yes, this was about to become my most challenging first row experience since King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard back in March - and most definitely the bruisiest in fucking ages. Feel like Korgüll the Bully really beat me up badly.
The pressure of being caught between the barrier (haven't seen that in this club before)  and the lashing collective weight and hair pulling of the berserk Iron Gang in my back - plus at one time a certain bass player almost accidently brushing my glasses from my face - man, this night counts as a serious schoolyard brawl. Still feels like I have to miss classes tomorrow. And fuck yeah, of course it was all worth it!

But back to the beginning of the night! The first band on stage was a local support.

Eruption Of Corruption

Eruption Of Corruption brought a lot of chops to the table. While being rooted in thrash metal the band has developed a prog metal approach, where you never really know what to expect next. Especially the lead vocalist showed a lot of versatility, ranging from barks, screams, growls to a seriously impressive power metal voice. There's nothing to really shit on here. Eruption Of Corruption (why not Eruption Ofuption Corruption?) did a very good job.
The only small issue I have with the band - and anyone who knows my personal musical history will see the irony that of all people I am saying this - is that each song should probably stick more to one style and sound. The songwriting at times just seemed a bit random to me. 


Bio-Cancer from Greece on the other hand are band with a very clear and unmistakable mission, which is the spreading of hazardous sick brutal maximum speed thrash metal.
From the first song you knew what the whole show was going to be about. High tempo, nasty sound and vocals which basically consisted of only two sounds delivered by three band members.
One of those sounds was the traditional stomp stomp stomp caught in a mosh shout of the guitar players, the other one the flat venomous shriek of the singer. I wouldn't dare a bet about whether this crazy guy in the "Mental Funeral" shirt band has actually articulated lyrics at all.

Now don't misunderstand me! Nothing I've said is a negative critique. Bio-Cancer work perfectly in their blatant and urgent way. I wouldn't need an album of the band (not a big thrash metal home listener anyway), but live I wouldn't mind another forty minute assault of this shit.

One thing though: Gustav Holst's "Mars, Bringer of War" as an intro tape is a little too much for... well, frankly for almost any band, since the moment directly after it can only be underwhelming. Laibach's "NATO" tour in 1994 counts as an exception, but they actually played the thing, so there's that.

Now, even though both bands did their best, they are of course lucky that music isn't meant to be a competition. In a way supporting Voivod must be quite similar to yesterday's experience of the audience: you take a full body beating, but you don't care, because... it's Voivod, man.


At this point it's hard to say anything I haven't already said about Voivod since they returned from their long absense from Northern Germany at the Wacken Open Air 2010.

There's just nothing like them. They are not just a thirty-fucking-five year old band that still kicks ass live. That's just one piece of it. Voivod are a complete package. On one hand they are rebellious robot punks shredding places to pieces and leaving everyone counting their aching limbs afterwards. On the other hand everything they do has atmosphere, craftmanship, concept and art in it. Yet it's never pretentious, but always cool as fuck.

And also consider this: Whenever Snake announces that they are about to play a new song people actually want to hear it! Voivod don't just come for the oldies. In fact, my only complaint about the show is the one I already knew beforehand: they only played the three songs from "The Wake" that have videos. Just imagine also seeing "Event Horizon", "Orb Confusion" and of course the masterpiece "The End Of Dormancy" coming to life on stage!

But speaking of the setlist: I could list thirty-five songs from their career that are missing this tour. No "Nothingface", no "Tribal Convictions", nothing from "Target Earth", no "The Unknown Knows", not even "Astronomy Domine"... the list goes on and on.
And you know what? No matter which of your personal favorites aren't in the lucky dozen: This band has nothing bad to work with, only killer material, and they will perform hell out of that material, so the show will always be great.

So was this one. Again. And even more. Voivod 2018 are on top of their game in every regard and it's a blast to witness that.

I guess the only letdown regarding Voivod was that the tour shirts I wanted were already gone. But you really can't blame people that they are tearing them their stuff out of their hands.

At least I got my poster from the "The Wake" LP signed. And I mistakenly called Rocky Blacky one time, haha. That was fun. And embarrassing. Without my brother I wouldn't even have noticed. Samey-named bastards.

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