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2020. Phew.

But maybe all this wasn't that bad after all. As long as the annual tradition of the Dead Neanderthals releasing a digital EP on December 31st is carried on, it can't be, right?

DEAD NEANDERTHALS - Cosmic Slime (download) (2020)

"A new cosmos is born."

That's how elaborate Otto Kokke (this time synth and tenor saxophone) and Rene Aquarius (drums and vocals) are giving us insight into this twenty-seven minute track's concept.

Fair enough. A new cosmos is pretty much what we need for an acceptable fresh start right now. And if that sounds like this slow grinding and Sunn O))) style droning giant slug the duo is joyfully / painfully dragging through our ears and the space between, I'm all for it. No second thoughts, man.

While most of the time "Cosmic Slime" is dominated by the brutal distorted keyboard (which we already came to love on "Blood Rite") and very slow and minimal drumming, there are some moments of opening up. Above all there's one of the if not brightest then at least bohren & der club of gorest melancholic saxophone passages, we've ever heard from these musical extremists. And towards the end we're transcending into some majestic dungeon synth grandiosity without sacrificing the punishing crunchy core of the track.

Fuck, this rules. One of the best drones of 2020 for sure.

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