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MUSIC 2020 - TOP 7 canceled live shows

End-of-the-year ranking season has begun, and as always I'm going to cover it in several installments. Which will probably take longer than usual, because many other pressing matters have taken priority over this hobby right now. And where at this time I used to have like 80 percent of my texts done in previous years, I barely have anything yet.

The first part however has already been sitting inside my drawer for a while. It obviously is the most 2020 one, as it is dedicated to live events which I was going to attend.

So here without further ado are my... *drumroll* ...

TOP 7 canceled live shows 2020:

  1. CHELSEA WOLFE - Gruenspan, Hamburg

    Chelsea Wolfe, who was hit by the shutdown in the middle of her European solo tour in March, wins this ranking, because it's the first completely canceled show of the lot, which never even had a rescheduled date in 2021.

  2. SWANS - Uebel & Gefährlich, Hamburg

    This took a couple of months longer than Chelsea to be completely canceled, since for a while there had been a new date in 2021. But now Micheal Gira has cleared his whole live schedule for the time being. Arguably this could also deserve the number one spot, since it's the only canceled show so far, where I actually already got my money back. 


    Of course Roadburn Festival being canceled just weeks before it should have happened, was brutal for many fans. For me personally it didn't hurt at the time, because I could have never gone there anyway due to my personal health. So the festival being postponed to 2021 gave me the chance to not miss it. Or so I believed at the time...

  4. BJÖRK - Waldbühne, Berlin

    Bucket list material! Being a Björk fan for decades I finally got myself a ticket to see her perform live - even with an orchestra. The show has been moved to 2021, but at the moment I don't expect an event this big to happen at that new date yet. And if it does, do I feel safe going there?

  5. LOUISE LEMÓN - Nochtwache, Hamburg

    Ok, this doesn't really belong on this list, because I didn't have a ticket for the show yet. I was 90+% determined to go there though.

  6. BOHREN & DER CLUB OF GORE - Kampnagel, Hamburg

    On a ranking of canceled shows the doomjazz pioneers don't have a chance to win, because even though it would have probably been safer to cancel it, this was actually among the last shows still happening before the pandemic hit.
    I was hospitalzed at the time though, so I couldn't attend and gave my ticket away to my brother.

  7. This show on February 1st naturally is the taillight of this list, because not only did it happen, but I was also there, making it my first and last and only concert of 2020.
    At least it was fucking good! But damn, this already feels like ten years ago.

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