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CARPENTER BRUT - Carpenterbrutlive

2012: EP "Carpenter Brut" - yeah

2013: EP "Carpenter Brut II" - Ooh yeah!

2015: EP "Carpenter Brut III" - Ooh yeah, Baby!

2016: all EPs combined to glorious triple-LP "Trilogy" - Ooh yeah yeah yeah, Baby, yeah!!!

CARPENTER BRUT - Carpenterbrutlive (CD) (2017)

2017: "Trilogy" songs + "Maniac" on a live album - Oooooh, yeah yeah yeah sweet baby Jesus Wake Up The President for this Turbo Killer Zombi Disco, yeah!!!!!!

Over-the-top Eighties synthwave hypergasm!

Run to the party, Sally, chew bubble gum, meet Matt Stryker there and hang'em all on this anarchy road!

Yeah, this live album is just great fun.

Fuck, I just realized that their live show at Roadburn doesn't appear in my best concerts list for 2017. Fucked that one up for sure.

However get this live album, it's as partylicious as it gets!

Highlights: Sexkiller On The Loose, Looking For Tracy Tzu, Roller Mobster, Escape From Midwich Valley, Maniac, Turbo Killer

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