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Everyone's drinking a toast to the new year.

Everyone is happy. All is fine.

But all of the sudden, while you're watching the fireworks, something's terribly wrong!

It's like a sting to your heart, an unknown terrifying feeling. Your friends are worried, someone yells. They are fading away. Or are you? All is a daze.

In the distance you can hear sirens. Coming closer and closer. Coming for you?

DEAD NEANDERTHALS - Organ Donor (download) (2017)

That's where the EP / track "Organ Donor" starts and describes the following seconds, maybe minutes, magnified to fifteen minutes of drone and panic at the same time.

Well, that's at least my spontanous story, which I heard in this latest piece of meat my favorite drums/sax duet just threw at us a few hours ago. And man, you wouldn't believe the unexpected crazy plot twist in my imaginary screenplay, but of course I don't want to spoil you here.

Ok, the Dead Neanderthals own introduction, which I've only just read by now, is a bit more sinister. However this is some more good "classic" Neanderthals shit.

So shun those shitty fireworks and enjoy this!

Highlight: Organ Donor

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